Rolling Stock

The rolling stock used on the RC&G consists mostly of the early Bachmann 1/22.5 scale cars with some 1/24 Aristo Delton Classics and couple of other brands in 1/24 scale. My initial concept was to add more detail to these cars replacing the rubbery grab irons and truss rods with metal items and other details. As I gained more experience with operating in the great outdoors it became apparent that with all the additional handling and occasional derailments that additional details only created more maintenance and the rubbery parts were more durable than cast parts or scale sized metal parts. As a result I have settled on what others have called operational quality cars. This means few extra delicate detail parts and little to no under body details beyond what the cars came with from the factory.

That said I do make some changes to nearly all of the cars in the fleet. Almost all of the Bachmann cars came from the early days when all equipment was meant to operate on two foot radius curves. As such the trucks were inset to reduce the overhang on curves and the couplers were talgo style, mounted to the trucks. To me this made the cars look a bit odd so all of the Bachmann cars have the trucks moved out towards the ends of the cars, typically about 1/2 inch. The Bachmann trucks get replaced with Delton style trucks which are sprung and equalized and are equipped with Bachmann 24 mm metal wheel sets. These are close to the 24 inch wheels that The EBT used on most of their rolling stock. I think it gives the cars a more hunkered down look typical of many narrow gauge cars. Most cars get some additional weight added as I like to have most cars weighing in at something close to one pound.The cars are also equipped with the gauge 1 size Kaydee couplers that are body mounted. In most cases other than repainting and/or re lettering if required that is the extent for most of the rolling stock. Certain cars will receive addition modifications and these will be discussed in the section for the individual type cars.

The cars will be listed in the order of the RC&G numbering system and you can go to the individual pages by clicking on the thumbnail of the car type. Note: some cars do not have pages yet so there will be no link from their thumbnail.

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Updated 3/8/19