Tank Cars

RC&G 500 series

Tank cars were the RC&G's first foray into car leasing. The RC&G's sweetheart deal with The Texas Company for exclusive rights within its operating area provided them with reduced freight rates in exchange for reduced cost for diesel and other fuels and lubricants used by the railroad. The Texas Company wished to have their product moved in tank cars bearing their logo but since they had no narrow gauge cars in their fleet the RC&G had three built and leased them back to Texaco.

These cars started life as a standard 1/22.5 scale Bachmann cars and it got the usual modifications involving trucks being moved outward and replaced by sprung Delton trucks with Bachmann 24 mm wheel sets and Kaydee couplers installed. Weight was added to bring the cars up to about one pound. The car numbers, Texas Company reporting marks and build dates were removed and replaced by RC&G reporting marks, numbers and a new build date. The Bachmann cars had a 7/53 build date which was way out in left field for tanks cars of this type. Some weathering and fuel stains were applied and the cars were ready for the road. There are currently three cars in service.

Two additional photos show the before and after moving the the trucks outward and original trucks vs new trucks and wheels.

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Updated  3/18/19