Passenger Cars
The RC&G maintains a small fleet of passenger cars and passenger service at the present time is still prosperous as the system of roads in the area has yet to be improved to the point where the automobile is presenting any threat. The bulk of the fleet, a combine and two coaches are still a work in progress. At the time of this update only two cars are operational, # 50 which is the president's private car and # 67 a drover type caboose is in service.

Coach # 50 is one of several bits of whimsy that I have incorporated into the line. Many years ago Wm. K. Walthers sold HO scale kits meant to give new comers to the hobby a taste of what it was like to build their multimedia passenger car kits. Two kits were available the Piker and the Oscar, one being a coach and the other an observation car. Both were short cars riding on one six wheel heavy weight passenger car truck. I always liked the look of these cars and decided to make one in large scale using parts left over from a passenger car modification. It rides on an Aristo six wheel truck. To the best of my knowledge no narrow gauge passenger cars in the US ever used six wheel trucks which makes it that much more whimsical. It serves as the presidents private coach when he makes inspection trips on the line. No photos were taken during construction. It uses mostly shortened parts from a Bachmann coach. I did need to put a fair amount of weight in the car to get the sprung suspension on the truck to sit and track properly.

Combine # 67 which is commonly labeled a drovers caboose is considered to part of the passenger fleet on the RC&G and usually brings up the rear of most passenger trains. All of the cars in the fleet carry the name of a deceased acquaintance and fellow model railroader. The car started life as an LGB caboose patterned after a D&RGW caboose as shown in the photo below. The silly roof walk and handrail were removed. The car was then painted in RC&G passenger colors. Two riders were installed in the passenger section and a brakeman placed in the cupola. The original LGB trucks were replaced with Aristo Delton classics sprung trucks. The car has internal lighting and the marker lights are illuminated as well. Power for the lighting comes from a rechargeable 9V lithium battery. 


Photos of the cars in the fleet will be posted once completed.

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Updated  3/8/19