Hopper Cars
RC&G 300 series

The RC&G is primarily a coal hauler so the most numerous cars in the fleet are hoppers. There are five different types on the line.

The first three of these are wooden cars as described below. As these are mostly obsolete and only a few remain on the roster they are numbered in the 300-319 series.

The oldest are wooden cars similar to wooden cars used in the early days by the EBT. These are Aristo Delton classics cars that have been painted and lettered for the RC&G. These are primarily used for hauling coal to company owned coal users such as the power plant and coal dock for fueling locomotives. These are also used for maintenance of way.

Next are wooden cars based on the Hancock and Calumet cars which were purchased and upgraded by the EBT. These will be scratch built and used to supply smaller privately owned online users.

The next type are again wooded cars based on the wooden hoppers used by the ET&WCN Railroad. These will also be scratch built and be used for smaller privately owned online users.

Next up are steel two bay hoppers (numbered 320-329) based on the early EBT hoppers. These are modified Bachmann three bay cars that have been shortened by one bay and some additional detail added before being painted and lettered for the RC&G. These also have their trucks moved outward and have the Aristo Delton style archbar trucks. The three photos below illustrate these.

Finally the last type based on the EBT three bay hoppers and are numbered 330-399. Again these are Bachmann cars with the trucks moved out and additional details added. These will use correct Vulcan trucks. At this time it is undetermined whether these will be cast from resin or 3D printed.

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Updated  3/7/19