The Station at Summit

This will be mostly a photo article as the photos are pretty well self explanatory. I will comment where it might not be and if you have questions you can email me with your questions.

Windows to me make any structure unique. There were no commercially available windows like I needed for this project to I took off the shelf windows and modified them. Below is the stock window.

To make it easier to create the window dividers that I needed for all the windows I made a jig which was machined from delrin which is a slippery plastic that most glues for styrene plastics won't stick to.

Then it was just a matter of cutting a bazillion pieces, placing them in the jig, applying some thin solvent type styrene glue at each joint and allowing them to cure and removing and repeating.

The completed windows ready for paint

The sides laminated with Precision Products clapboard siding.

Window installation

Styrene strip added to the edges

Although the main structure was designed to avoid joint in panels the roof was sufficiently long enough to require joints which are a real PITA to make look good.

Shutters fabricated from styrene strips and sheet

I needed a different treatment for the door transoms so I modified the off the shelf door with styrene

Test fitting

Windows, doors and shutters painted up.

Finally together

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Last updated  2/13/19