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The prototype for this engine will be the EBT's # 14, built by Baldwin in 1912. 1/24 scale was chosen as that is what I use for all the equipment that I build myself. Construction will consist of a brass frame. The engine will be powered using two Aristo gear boxes driving the front and rear drivers. The center blind drivers are sprung for better traction. It is powered by a Pittman ball bearing motor through a chain and sprocket drive to a central shaft that drives the two Aristo gear boxes. Drivers will be from the Bachmann 4-6-0. The center drivers have had new tires added to make them the same diameter as the flanged drivers. The flanged drivers were turned on a lathe to true them up and the flanges reduced in size. The drivers have had a styrene overlay to mimic the counter weights on the prototype. The photo's below show progress to this point. Most of the valve gear will come from the "Annie" version of Bachmann's 4-6-0. The side rods will be from scratch and articulated. The cylinders and saddle were fabricated from aluminum.

This first photo shows the basic frame with the two gearboxes installed. You can see the slotted journals and springs for the center drivers.

The next photo shows the machined aluminum saddle sitting on the turned but not yet finished cylinders.

Frame with motor, cylinder saddle, drivers and motor mounted.

A close up of an early attempt at side rods using hollow square tubing. I didn't like the look and it was difficult to maintain the proper spacing. I ended up machining them from brass bars on mill with a digital readout so I could get the necessary accuracy.

This project has been on the back burner for some time as more pressing issues such as track building have been given priority. I found that the Delrin chain drive was too noisy for my liking and was replaced with a timing belt. It has progressed a bit beyond the photos shown above and when time allows I will post more updated photos.


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Updated 2/28/19