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Number 10 started life as a Bachmann Industrial 2-6-0 supposedly in 1/20.3 scale. In that scale it would be a smaller locomotive than many amusement park locomotives. Even in 1/24 it's still a very small locomotive. It does have an appealing look about it at least to me but it needed some help.

It's biggest issue was its light weight. It could pull several cars on level track but it did good to handle one or two on my 3% and 4% grades. To be viable to me it needed to do better and this meant more weight. Unfortunately due to its small size room for weight was at a premium. I removed some of the stock circuitry from the boiler and cast a new weight from lead to fit over the drivers in the boiler. The photo below shows ow it fit into the boiler.

I also cast another weight to fit into the firebox.

Looking to maximize weight any way I could replaced the original air tanks with Ozark tanks placing a piece of brass round stock in the hollow part of the tank, as can be seen below this added another 6 ounces of weight.

Other changes made to the locomotive were to replace the original plastic air pump with a cast metal Ozark pump and add some additional piping. Out of the box the way the bell was mounted it would hit the front sand dome if anyone tried to ring it so I made a pedestal to mount it on so it cleared the dome. I also replaced the solid pilot wheels with spoked wheels.

The tender also needed some work. It was quite small and it was quiet a test to get a speaker, battery, receiver and sound card inside. To increase room the coal bunker was enlarged and raised. A larger fill hatch for the tank was added as this is were I install the power switch and charging jack on most of my locomotives. The original trucks were replaced with the Delton style sprung trucks. A real coal load was added to the bunker.
And complete ready for the road.

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Updated 4/10/19