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This locomotive will utilize the frame and boiler from a Bachmann Climax locomotive. Both the Heisler and Climax companies bought their boilers from the same supplier and so are quite similar. The trucks are scratch built and the locomotive will be powered by a single motor located in the boiler / firebox area. Although there is no intention of building to an exact prototype it will use features common to many of the smaller Heislers.

The next photo shows the Climax boiler sitting on top of the Climax frame to give an idea of the overall size. The drawing it is sitting on is a full size Heisler drawing in 1/24 scale. Under the frame are the scratch built trucks.

One of the trucks shown to the point that is has progressed. The drivers are from an Aristo Delton 2-8-0 and have had the flanges turned down. The truck uses ring and pinion gears with a 3:1 gear ratio common on the prototype and is driven in a similar style as well. Still lots of work to do on these yet.

Another view.

And yet another view. Note the axles are running in ball bearings.

This is another project that is currently too low on the list to be getting any attention.

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Updated   4/9/19