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May 2007

The M-3 is finally complete detail wise and has been moved from the backshop to the Motive Power page.

March 2004

This Winter I have finally found some time to get some trackwork built up and ready to install when good conditions prevail.

This cluster of trackage will serve the mine and coal washing facillity at Rockhill.

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July 2003

Well for starters the home page !

It's a new format which should load quicker than the old one for people like me still using dialup.

Most of the old pages are still here, most have been updated and they can be found through the links in the table on the left side.

There are some new pages here. "Motive Power" is one of them. When projects in the "Backshop" are completed they will be moved to this page.

Others yet to implimented are "Rolling Stock", self explanitory, "Along the RC&G", which will feature structures and details along the line and "Articles" which will include some "how to" descriptions of things that I have built.

Photo's on all new pages will be smaller in file size to speed loading. Eventually I will overhaul all the pages in this respect.

Please note that all the new pages have been tested in IE 5 and 6 and work. I have not tested in any version of Netscape as I no longer have it on my computer !

If you find problems or things that do not work right please send me an E-mail !

I will try to keep this page updated as things change.


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