Coal Cleaning Plant

This will be mostly a photo article as the photos are pretty well self explanatory. The base for the structure was made from PT lumber of various sizes, the large base section with holes is normal exterior grade plywood. It will be raised off the ground, completely covered on the top and painted on the bottom so I'm not concerned about rot on it. To the right are pieces with holes, these will be the bases for the 'H' columns which will support the large upper section when complete. The piece that the red arrow is pointing to is just a temporary support.

The next photo shows a couple of the wall sections after being cut out of a sheet of coroplast. In case you are curious about the pink color, the sheets these were cut from was part of a shipping container packaging system for electronic assemblies. In the electronics industry materials colored pink have been treated to prevent the build up of static electricity. My former employer used this until the customer went away at which time they discarded many sheets of this and I lugged a lot of it home.

The next photo shows how it was braced internally using 1/2" square PT lumber which is glued on with a liquid nails type of product.

The next photo shows most of the completed assembly before the roof was installed. Strips were applied over the holes drilled in the base for the 'H' columns to provide a solid stp for them. The 'H' columns themselves are standard Plastruct 1/2" x 1/2" plastic 'H' material.

A view from a different angle.

Unfortunately I either didn't take and other assembly photos or I haven't located them if I did. Once the windows and roof were installed and the building sheathed with Precision Plastics sheets the building was moved outside to make room for other projects. It sat outside on the layout for over ten years then in 2017 it was due to be refreshed. Critters had pulled a couple of the windows out and all sorts of debris found its way inside including the usual insect varieties.

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Updated 4/10/19