WIP 2019

Well, once it stopped raining and we had a few days for things to dry out, the priority for this year was getting the yard at Buck's landing installed. This ended up requiring a bit more digging than I had hoped, it just so happened that the north end of the yard was situated on a high spot in the area. The first two photos will give an example of just how much needed to excavated. At this point between 2" and 3" of crushed limestone has been placed and leveled.

At the deepest point before the gravel was added the depth was about 10"

With that done the first half of the yard was set in place and leveled. Once I was satisfied with that the second half was hauled out and attached to the first half. That done the balance of the track work was installed.
A view from the other end.

Much of the soil removed was used to filling in around the mainline coming into Paiute Junction. More retaining wall must be built before that can continue.
More terra-forming has been done around the north end of the yard where the dig was the deepest and where the mainline will come into the yard and back filling with more crushed limestone has commenced.
Fill that wasn't suitable for the area of the mainline was used to start filling in around Paiute Junction.
Next step was to install the trackage for the return loop. I can't start on the main from Paiute Junction to Bucks Landing until I'm certain I have moved in any and all heavy landscape items as once the main is in access to this area will require crossing the main line. The photo below shows the return loop installed. Some odds and ends of left over stepping stones and other cement products were placed to begin a view block to hide part of the loop. The small building in the foreground contains the electrics and electronics for the automatic loop switch control.

Another view of the loop.

The next photo shows the boxed in area that will become the main water feature which will represent the barge load out and packet landing on the Ohio River.

The next photo show the mainline has been constructed from the yard heading towards Paiute Junction. Again I had to do a fair amount of excavating to minimize the grade as it left the yard. From the yard to the end of the first curve the grade is a pretty steady 4%. The photo makes it appear as if the grade continues from there but it's an optical illusion as the ground slopes away, the section of track from the end of the first 180ยบ curve to the next is almost level. The bridge in the foreground was removed to allow wheelbarrow access. A piece of plywood was place across the main to cross it.

A bit closer image of the same area.

I didn't take any additional in progress photos, the balance shown here were taken after the main was finished, the high bridge installed, more retaining walls were built and six cubic yards of topsoil were used to back fill the area.

In spite of the rainy start to the work season my goal of finishing the mainline was at last accomplished thanks to a warmer than normal fall. Still lots to do, the track work for barge load out and the packet landing still needs to be installed as does the branch to the Paiute Lumber company. Still lots of landscaping to be done including building Raccoon Creek. Due to the amount of time finishing all of this, maintenance was deferred in a number areas and that will need to be done next season as well. The only maintenance to speak was the replacement of the caboose track in the yard at Summit. The ties had pretty much seen their better days as shown below.

And an after photo.

The rails were taken up along with the original PT plywood roadbed and the rails receive new plastic ties. The section was then just floated for now. At some point the entire yard at Summit will need to be rebuilt and I want to add some additional track work as well. whether that happens in the coming year depends on how quickly I can finish up the end of the line projects.

Not shown above was the golden spike ceremony that was held at the point where the last section of track was installed. Some photos of that follow.
The golden spike was driven into a special tie made of black walnut.

In true Promontory Point style two engines were pulled up to the location .

And after the spike was driven home the locomotives joined couplers. Note that a pesky coon managed to get in the photo.

A couple of aerial views to put the location in context.

After the ceremony some of the dignitaries that attended wanted their photos taken next to the presidents car which had been spotted over the tie with the spike. Shown below are Slim and Stumpy representing the maintenance and operation departments.

And Stan and Ollie representing the board of directors.

Updated 12/29/19