R C & G

# 4

The Shay shown in the plan above, West Side Lumber's # 15 will be used as a reference only as it represents a 60 ton narrow gauge Shay. I will be creating my version by modifying the Bachmann Shay. #4 will be a coal burner. The cab and bunker will need to be cut down in order to look correct for 1/24 but the balance measures out pretty close as is. The most difficult task will be cutting the frame.

This is not the best of photos but it shows the frame and trailer being tested upon completion of the major running gear modifications. The frame has been shortened and the cylinders moved forward. These two operations also made it necessary to shorten the shafts between the trucks and limits the operational radius of the locomotive to a minimum of 4' radius. The truck bolsters were milled down to lower the frame. Now that ths phase is completed it's on to the superstructure. I hope I can remember how it all goes back together :-)

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Updated 4/8/03