R C & G


The prototype for this engine will be the EBT's # 14, built by Baldwin in 1912. 1/24 scale was chosen after having a set of 1/48 plans blown up and comparing it to the Bachmann 4-6-0. The tender was dimensionaly almost a perfect match and even the cab was close. Construction will consist of a brass frame. The engine will be powered using two Aristo gear boxes driving the front and rear drivers. The center blind drivers are sprung for better traction. It is powered by a Pittman ball bearing motor through a chain and sprocket drive to a central shaft that drives the two Aristo gear boxes.Drivers will be from the Bachmann 4-6-0. The center drivers have had new tires added to make them the same diameter as the flanged drivers. The flanged drivers were turned on a lathe to true them up and the flanges reduced in size.The photo's below show progress to this point. Most of the valve gear will come from the "Annie" version of Bachmann's 4-6-0. The side rods will be from scratch and articulated. The cylinders and saddle were fabricated from aluminum.


A picture of the prototype under steam at Orbisonia.

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Updated 7/10/03