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RC & G Motive Power Roster

Locomotive # 7 is an Aristo C-16 that has been modified to make it look less like a D&RGW locomotive and more like a stock Baldwin locomotive. I made no effort to make it look like either an EBT or ET&WCN 2-8-0. For more photo's of # 7 and details of the modifications I made, click on the photo.




Locomotive # 12 is a Bachmann 10th aniversary special that I has had some changes made to it to make it look more like its prototype ET&WCN # 12. Bachmann did a good job on this one but there are a few things that still bugged me. Click on the photo to see the changes I made.




Locomotives # 13-1 and 13-2 are scratch built box cabs based on a narrow gauge unit that was use by a contractor that relocated trackage for the D&RGW. It fits my scenario in no way, shape or form and is from the wrong era. That being said they were a lot of fun to build and get as much run time as the other lokies. Click on the photo to see how they were built and some additional photos of them on the line.

The M-3 is a motor car based on a standard gauge prototype once used by the D&RG. It was completed to the point of being operational in 1997 then got put on the back burner in lieu of other projects. A decade later I needed to replace the original battery pack and decided to finish adding the details that were intended when I built it originally, Click of the photo to see details of its assembly and photos of it in its final completed form.

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Updated 5/15/05